Sunday, August 28, 2016

decisions, decisions

While my first choice will always be to eat breakfast in bed, I am sensing that the omelette and waffle bars  in the dining hall will be an enticement every Sunday.  Today, I went with a feta/spinach/shroom combo.

A lovely bowl of chocolate chips and many bottles of whipped cream.

Thinking this is some form of hibiscus?  They just started blooming across the street at the Essex Inn. 

One of the most random things I've seen~a fenced off plot of land with two lamp posts and some picnic chairs.  No signage of any kind to indicate what it is. 

Glad the name has changed from the original one! 

Not entirely sure what a Woman's Club does, but they have a darling headquarters.  And now I'm off for three more hours of dorm training~they sure do love their meetings and regulations 'round here.


  1. Replies
    1. Maybe, but it looks private & too groomed. I'll keep watching it!

  2. Better get a leash for Bogart to wander the unnamed park. Interesting history for this town.

    1. He got a leash when we drove from SF to Jersey~thinking he'd enjoy being out of the car at rest areas. He goes completely limp!

  3. ...Hobbs His Hole. Not a short-but-punchy "Hobbs." Not Hobbs' Hole. Hobbs His Hole.
    Hoookay. Those founding fathers were short on punctuation and salient explanations, clearly.
    I think the name the town ended up with is interesting enough...

    Well, at least the week will always start in a happy space! We *never* had anything so lovely on Sunday mornings in Academy, ever. (Although given the option of sleeping in, most of us missed breakfast wholly so who knows what treats they got up to...) I somehow think we would have all managed to rise for waffle bar!

    1. Well, Tappahannock on the Rappahannock River isn't very imaginative.

      It's nice that the brunch goes for two hours!