Sunday, August 7, 2016


The true reason for having an SUV~party supply moving.

Teeny new park with a breezy pavilion was the ideal setting for a child's bday party.  The kids were happily swarming around the swings and slides and snacks/water were plentiful.  After triple digits of Texas, the 80 degreed day felt almost chilly.

Snacking sibs

So happy to be 4! 

The vegan cupcakes which Dada baked while Mama was down with her malady.  From the reactions from all the mothers at the party, he could open a side-business providing children's party food.

Baby sis approved.

Opened bday loot throughout the day and ended the day by playing an inaugural game of Candyland.  To be present today was worth every mile driven.


  1. So glad you're where you can see the next generation often. It makes all the difference in one's life.