Tuesday, August 16, 2016

now, we're talkin'

My Tuesday morning commute. 

Today's PD (Professional Development for those of you never subjected to this delight) was brilliant~not only did we get to learn all about the region we live in, it modeled a good lesson plan.  Plus, we got to spend most of the day in sunshine and fresh air! 

Maybe later when my brain isn't on overload, I will share more of the lecture~but basically we live in the purest estuary in the US.  I did learn that the muddy appearance of the water is from the saline water hitting the fresh water from upstream.

We loaded into various kayaks and boats and hit the water for a few hours. 

It was a bit surreal to watch the Blue Herons and Ospreys and feel the river wind and to realize that mere weeks ago, I didn't even know this place existed.  Guess one never knows what the tide will bring in.  And now, I'm off to my first crab feed~as I survived all the Texan barbecues as a vegetarian,  I ought to be able to get through this.  (Although, the smell of seafood is more off-putting to me than bbq.)  If I can discretely take photos I will~then, no one will have food cravings at all throughout their day.  :)  


  1. Eew. Lord have mercy: the smell of shrimp is probably what is billowing up from the mouth of Hades. I love my fish-and-crustacean loving friends, though, so I just try and sit upwind! I figure it can only help me eat sparingly, right? There's that silver lining!

    1. Fortunately, the crab table was isolated & the rest of us sprawled around the estate. And I am happy to report that I had a delicious vege burger!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes~am thinking that I'll have to arrange my classroom so that i'm not looking out at the water!!