Tuesday, August 30, 2016

digging deep for joy

The adage of 'if I sits, it fits' applies at all times. Princeton, 2007
En route to grad school

Was up all night with a wheezing Bogart.  As I live out in the sticks, the nearest open vet was over an hour away.  As I didn't have funds for emergency treatment, nor did I want to be trying to navigate Richmond for the first with a stressed animal; we stayed home.   

Trader Joe's cat nip scratcher from Uncle Lowell

Sporting Princeton colours

We were in the parking lot of the local vet at 8:45 and because I was crying, they let us in before they opened. They did some preliminary exams and gave him a shot or two and sent us home with three medications and the instructions to come back tomorrow morning if he isn't greatly improved. 

Chatting away in Seattle 2010

They're pretty sure that it is hyperthyroidism~which, yes is treatable.  But it seems that his poor little heart is working way too hard and the treatment is harsh and very expensive.  They will also check his kidney function tomorrow. 

Loved to prop up on all the books around the home

But it may very well be that it's time to say good-bye to my charming and sweet companion of 17 years.

Fortunately, there are no classes today, so they excused me from meetings and sent me home to spend the day saying good-bye. 

I am trying to focus on all the joy and warmth that Bogart has given me throughout the years, but it is a rough day.  Please say feline prayers today for us.


  1. Feline prayers, human prayers - I'm on 'em.

  2. So sorry to hear that. 17 years is a long time to be attached to a beloved animal. We still miss Damien at times. Bogart is a special cat.

    1. I can't believe he's gone~this happened so quickly. Going to take a long time to absorb this loss.