Sunday, August 14, 2016

sultry Sunday afternoon

No need for any night lights with this glowing in the living room. 

Toes in the sand~always a happy feeling 

Maybe I have landed in Stars Hollow~there is a Miss Patty's just down the street!

See the corner of that white building?  This is quite literally my commute now. 

The left wing is the music classroom. 

Think that the Dining Hall is the newest building on campus~did I mention that meals are included in my salary??! And there are riverside cafe tables on the other side of the building.  It will be interesting to see what is vegetarian on the menu.

With a heat index of 105, thought finding the pool would be the perfect way to wrap up summer break!


  1. So it all sounds good except for the heat/humidity and the EXIT sign - on the inside of your living room? The law? Glad there's a pool on campus and that your meals are included. Will wait to find out how that goes.

    1. Pretty sure it's a fire regulation for any dorm door. Long week of meetings ahead.

  2. I love the pool NEXT TO the open water. Is there something problematic in the river, other than being unable to see the bottom???

    1. Strong currents &...snakes of all kinds. Need to make friends with boats & simply enjoy the above portion.