Saturday, January 5, 2019

how do I love thee?

New bedside lamp

Just marked one week in my new place and am still marveling at all the good:

  • that I can walk to my car on concrete/sidewalks like a civilized person
  • a balcony where my garden can flourish
  • covered parking!
  • a huge bathtub
  • a fireplace that works with the flip of a switch (theoretically, I need to figure out how to turn the gas on)
  • top floor life in which I hear NO one above me
  • only one shared wall and that neighbor seems to be quiet

  • space to have all my art work and photos out
  • 24-hour concierge service
  • free gym/two swimming pools
  • a 24-hour full market across the street
  • easy access to both a major road/Metro 
  • enough space to actually do a yoga routine (my Falls Church space literally didn't have space and in the basement dwelling, the ceiling was too low)

Yes, I know I already posted a photo of this, but my closet is HUGE. I have two complete other hanging racks that have nothing on them.

Not only do I have FOUR burners, but they are gas! And I have an oven.

I discovered a decent Goodwill near me today~dropped off a couple of bags and scored these fun little plates.

New hairs, courtesy of Aveda. Ready for 2019!!!!


  1. Ooh, I like the new hair! Tres chic!

    1. Thank you; almost four inches gone! Feels like I lost ten lbs!

  2. A lot of positive things about your new home. Like the lamp.
    Hairstyle is very nice. I like it.

    1. Thank you! It was time for something different.

  3. Remember the picture of my sister with pink hair?
    It had already been blonde right at New Year's...
    Today it's burgundy.
    Your hair looks lovely, though not nearly as lively with the color changes!

    1. :) She's an inspiration! Probably good that I don't live anywhere near her salon.

      After the site visit for accreditation, I think the purple hairs may appear again.