Thursday, January 3, 2019

splashes of colour

Just an icky day of sinus infections and drippy skies. But!! I came home (such a sweet word now!) to find that my combined bday/Xmas gift card choices had arrived! My old electric tea kettle died rather dramatically on Sunday, so this was perfect timing. (And I'm waiting for the 3rd electric item to die~first was the Christmas tree.) 

And no, this is not a large biscuit. It is a ruby red ottoman with a swivel top for storage. Or small children.

Hard to believe that I haven't even been in my space for one week. Looking forward to lounging about a bit this weekend.


  1. Ooh, very purty. I had considered getting something like this for the end of the bed (not round, obvs) - but haven't talked myself into it yet.

    1. It took many weeks of hemming & hawing before I made a choice.

    2. So nice to have your house come together bit by bit!

    3. Yes, by the time you get here, I may have a rug!