Sunday, January 6, 2019

let there be LIGHT

Fitting that on Epiphany, the sunshine returned. Was it ever wonderful to get one of my city rambles in today (even if most of DC is closed, harumph, harumph. And on that note, we're beginning to form volunteer groups to clean up the trash on the Mall.)

Always so happy for a day of adventure.

Some delicious pizza to fuel all the walking.

A very cool hotel in Adams Morgan~an architect choose to save an old church and converted it into a hotel/restaurant. I love that they saved the organ pipes and created a chandelier out of them.

And while I didn't eat here today, at least I finally walked by Mama Ayesha's cafe in DC. So many place to explore yet in this city.


  1. Those sunglasses make me smile. They look rather wicked.

    1. Courtesy of Charming Charlie's in Dallas!