Tuesday, January 1, 2019

dance one year in, kiss one good-bye

New welcome mat and padded kitchen mat. 

A beautiful bar of soap that I bought long before I even had an apartment.

So excited that I can have my once a week croissant treat again! I will never again live somewhere sans a real kitchen. Well. Unless it's some fabulous little flat in Paris. Or Cyprus. Etc. etc.

I forgot to get sparklers for New Year's Eve, but had some wish papers left to light and let waft off my balcony. It was super quiet here. Odd, but nice.

Time for the reading of the letters and writing next year's missive.

Annnnd, on the Seventh Day of Christmas, the middle lights of my tree sizzled and died. And since I vowed to not leave my house today, I did not go in search of some deep discount to replace it.

Spent the day setting up next year's calendar, ruthlessly culling my closet, and cleaning my new home.

Love getting organized.

And I finally used my new birthday kitchen toy~one of the oil-less fryers. And, a bit unusually, I had a total flop of a recipe. Just some really gross tempura. Next time, I'll try polenta or just plain French fries.

It was a lovely day of nesting in and contemplating all the joy in my life.
First time in a very long time that I'm excited about a new year!


  1. Air fryers I've heard can be tricky! I'll be interested in seeing how it works for you.

    1. PS - that kitchen mat is really pretty.

    2. It was the batter~it called for cornstarch which hardened into something that tasted like a dried sponge. It was truly gross.

      I keep tripping on it! It's so high with padding. And I debate whether it should go in front of the stove or the sink. The space is a bit too small for two mats.

      And yes, I could move it with whatever project requires the appliance. Maybe I'll wander back to Home Goods to see if there's a small one.