Wednesday, January 9, 2019

teeny treats

What do you do when it's spitting snow at you? Besides finding a shiny penny and getting the oil changed in your car?

You get your first manicure in eons to celebrate the END of dealing with cardboard boxes!


  1. Was just thinking it was time for me to go through my nail varnishes and add in some new colors. I don't think I'm supposed to go to a shop (Dr. raised my immune suppression drug, and getting cuticles pushed back, etc, is a risk), but can at least check out the pastels, which I normally don't wear.

    1. Yes, the cuticle scraping is the reason I go about once per year. But, there are many fun new colours out; Essie has a beautiful line of pastels.

    2. And yes, you would need to be ultra careful!

  2. Sometimes the little things are big things, eh?